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Default So very new and in need of help.

Hi there,

As you see above I am very new to the soap making game and am looking for some help or tips.

I'm starting myself with melt and pour as it seemed like a good place to dip my toe in but I am having issues with my base.
My bases seem to be hardening to quickly, and by this I mean O]once I have finally gotten it to melt, I use a microwave, by the time I add the colour and fragrance it's starting to harden and getting a skin on it. This makes it really hard to pour in to multiple molds because by the time I get to the third or fourth mold the base is almost to hard to pour. I'm getting the base to 140F and I don't want to go higher as I don't want it to boil.
I've watch many YouTube videos where they add everything and move stuff around and do things then pour and it all still fluid. What am I doing wrong?

Second thing. I seem to be getting little bubbles in my soap no matter how gentle I stir it and how much rubbing alcohol I spray on it at the end, though with the above problem I have to have a second person spraying as I pour.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I feel like such a noob that knows nothing.

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Hi Alek,
I don't use M&P anymore, but when I did I would heat it in a crock pot. It takes longer than the microwave, but you can pour smaller amounts out while keeping the majority warm. If you are melting your base in plastic, maybe try using glass or something that will retain heat a little better. You can remelt your base as needed as well.

Hopefully, someone with more M&P experience will come along and give you some better advice.

Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome, Alek! No worried- we were all noobs once.

I don't work with MP too often these days (just once in a while), but one thing that helps is to keep a pot of gently simmering water on your stove that you can set your melted soap container over or into (i.e., a DYI double-boiler) to help keep the soap warm/fluid without boiling or scorching the soap. I also do the same kind of thing whenever I'm making lip balms or dipping chocolate. It keeps things warm and melty without harming things.

As for the bubbles, spraying the alcohol just as soon as my soap is in the mold always works well for me. The trick for me is to not wait to spray. As soon as I'm done pouring an individual soap, it gets spritzed right away.

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Are you using a M&P base from a soap supply website or from the craft store? I found that the craft store bases harden up super quick and makes the process a little difficult.
If you're having an issue with bubbles you can keep heating in between steps. Example, if you stir in a colorant and now you have a lot of bubbles, pop it into the microwave again for a short burst or back on the stove to heat it up a little bit. Hot air rises and the bubbles should come to the surface.
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Welcome to the forum. You may be overheating your base, if you are using the microwave. 30 second bursts of heat work well for me. I have also learned to cover my container with plastic wrap when heating in the microwave. That prevents a loss of moisture and the base melts faster.
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Hi Alek,
Welcome to the wonderful world of M&P!
I've been crafting the stuff for years. I've never used a microwave.

The best method for melting & pouring is the double boiler [bain marie]. You can use a proper double boiler, they can sometimes be found at thrift shops or garage sales for a few bucks, or you can get a new one for about $20. Or you can use a glass measuring cup in a pot of water & that will suffice. The double boiler method gives you the most control over your temperature & its easy to stand there & watch it.

Hope this helps & Happy Soaping!

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