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Default Haven't been around much...

So thought I'd pop in and say hi.

Last time I was here we were having a bad time with Buster but I'm pleased to say he's still with us! After what we went through last August it's hard to believe he's still here but I'm so grateful that he is. He has bad days every now and then but way more good than bad. He's still going out for two walks a day, still plays with his toys and eats two meals most days - except when he's having a bad day or two but he hasn't missed more than a couple of meals over a 3 day bad patch before bouncing back again.

We seem to have found the right balance with his meds and he's almost back to his pre illness weight! We know he won't get better but his kidney disease is being managed now and I think we're a lot calmer when he's having a rough few days - I think us staying calm helps him get back on his feet much sooner.

We've no idea how much longer he's going to be with us but after last year everyday is a blessing.

He's on the sofa snoring his head off right now - I love the sound of his snoring even if it is that loud I can't always hear the tv!!

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I love this squishy face!!

I've not managed to soap since September with looking after Buster, studying for my exam and then Christmas but I have this weekend planned to do my challenge soap! Hope I remember how to do it!!

Hope everyone is well.

Happy new year everyone!

Completely addicted to soap making!

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Sorry to hear about Buster. Hope you still have many good days with him.


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Ditto what lsg said^^^. It's good to hear your 'voice' again!

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Sonya you still have him, every day is precious
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Happy news that you've found what works! I hope you have years of this, like my Sheba. And it's good to have you back!

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Oh, Sonya, I am so happy that you still have your Buster with you. What wonderful news. Looking forward to seeing you around a bit more. Happy New Year!
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So glad to see Buster doing well and hanging in there! Glad to see you back, too!
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Good to see you back and glad to hear Buster is doing better. Love is cute wrinkly face.
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Glad to hear he is doing okay. Take lots of pictures. Lots. All the pictures.
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Sonya, I'm so happy that Buster seems to have turned a corner. You had a lot to do with it, I'm sure he loves you back just as much as you love his squishy little face!

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