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  • Posted in thread: Where am I going wrong on 07-24-2017 at 04:29 AM
    The top view almost looks like alien brains to me - which happens if its too hot (I get it when
    I CPOP). Silicone and wood do tend to keep the heat in...

  • Posted in thread: Tiny bottles on 07-23-2017 at 04:37 PM
    I'm always using little bottles like that for lunches at work - salad dressings, sauces, shoyu,
    mayonnaise ....

  • Posted in thread: Shampoo Bar gone bad on 07-18-2017 at 11:24 PM
    Off the top of my head I the white spots sound like stearic spots which can come from the
    stearic acid, the shea butter and also the cocoa butter. No idea what a whole egg does to soap,
    but I know tha...

  • Posted in thread: Homemade Vanilla Extract on 07-17-2017 at 04:06 AM
    I like to make my vanilla extract with a lotta beans and all dark rum :) Glad I did a bulk buy
    of grade B beans last year.

  • Posted in thread: My first soap recipe - need advice on 07-17-2017 at 04:02 AM
    I made soaps like that when I started and all I had was OO and coconut. I liked it better when
    I bumped the superfat up to 6 or 7% with 30% coconut. But it will be a nice first soap
    regardless ;) Make...

  • Posted in thread: First Salt Bar- Volume Questions on 07-14-2017 at 03:34 PM
    The last time I did an 80% salt soap / 20% SF I just used the default water setting (2.7404:1
    water to lye ratio or water as % of oil weight = 38%), largely because I like the quick gelling
    and this i...

  • Posted in thread: Salt Bar Recipe on 07-10-2017 at 11:56 PM
    Add the salt at a medium trace for a salt bar. 50% salt ppo is fine - I go up to 80%. Make sure
    you used fine grained plain or canning salt - nothing iodized and no big sharp crystals. Heh
    and be prep...

  • Posted in thread: Bath bomb "baking" light? on 07-08-2017 at 04:15 PM
    Could they have been heat lamps like restaurants use? Hmm I also have a full spectrum / heating
    bulb for reptiles that maybe would do the job.

  • Posted in thread: I DID it! I made soap! (I hope.) on 07-08-2017 at 04:13 PM
    Those look fabulous! Congratulations!The advantage of this hobby is even if we do mess up - if
    the oils, lye and water are in correct proportion - its still soap :mrgreen:

  • Posted in thread: Help with an EO blend for soap on 07-08-2017 at 04:09 PM
    I would either add some more citrus (grapefruit, orange or tangerine 10x, Bergamot) and expect
    some fading because that's what citrus does in soap though litsea does help anchor it (I also
    sometimes u...

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